• 1 ARĤVA - Residential Real Estate Analysis Software Application

    Adkins Capital Management (ACM) is a privately owned, independently operated, and experienced-based capital management firm that offers a robust valuation product for residential real estate investors.
  • 2 ARĤVA - Residential Real Estate Analysis Software Application

    ARĤVA is designed to provide residential real estate investors with the necessary information to accurately assess residential housing in an economical, efficient, and effective manner.
  • 3 ARĤVA - Residential Real Estate Analysis Software Application

    ARĤVA uses patent-pending financial methodology that is based on the interrelationship between pre-tax household income, the price of a home, and the cost of debt financing for a mortgage loan.
  • 5 ARĤVA - Residential Real Estate Analysis Software Application

    ARĤVA will allow residential real estate investors to accurately analyze the level of underpricing or overpricing of homes in their community.
  • 5 ARĤVA - Residential Real Estate Analysis Software Application

    ARĤVA will allow residential real estate investors to precisely analyze the costs of owning a home.

Adkins Capital Management, LLC (ACM) is a privately owned global investment management firm that specializes in residential real estate valuation. ACM was founded by an English American in New York City. ACM is incorporated in the State of New York and housed in the Internet Cloud.

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The Adkins Residential Home Valuation Analyzer (ARĤVA) is a patent-pending software application that will allow residential real estate investors to accurately determine if homes are underpriced or overpriced in their community, as well as accurately assess the costs associated with owning a home.

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The founder of ACM has written more than a dozen published articles that address a wide range of educational topics including residential housing valuation, retirement, investment products, financial analysis, and public policy.

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The ARĤVA software application is available on a real-time basis via a web-based application that is accessible from your home computer.

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The ARĤVA software application is available to the public via an annual subscription fee.


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Home Price Index

The purpose of the Adkins 60 City Home Price Index is to provide an assessment of the home price level for 60 of the major cities in the U.S. For purposes of this assessment, home price levels were based on the relationship between the median household income and the median home price level in each city, the assumption that no more than 28% of household income should be spent in order to repay the principal and interest costs for a mortgage loan, and the most recent month-ending national average mortgage loan interest rate for a 30-year fully amortized fixed rate loan.
City Name Median Household Income Median Home Price Home Price Level
Albuquerque, NM $43,606 $186,100 Underpriced
Anchorage, AK $72,813 $284,600 Underpriced
Atlanta, GA $43,903 $190,300 Underpriced
Baltimore, MD $38,721 $154,400 Underpriced
Billings, MT $43,530 $173,900 Underpriced
Birmingham, AL $28,646 $85,900 Underpriced
Boise, ID $41,474 $169,700 Underpriced
Boston, MA $49,081 $364,300 Overpriced
Bridgeport, CT $35,379 $189,700 Overpriced
Buffalo, NY $29,158 $67,000 Underpriced
Burlington, VT $40,773 $263,218 Overpriced
Charleston, SC $49,284 $232,100 Underpriced
Charlotte, NC $50,177 $167,400 Underpriced
Cheyenne, WY $51,813 $165,879 Underpriced
Chicago, IL $43,628 $228,300 Overpriced
Cincinnati, OH $31,301 $122,500 Underpriced
Cleveland, OH $25,371 $76,600 Underpriced
Dallas, TX $40,585 $122,800 Underpriced
Denver, CO $47,371 $247,800 Overpriced
Des Moines, IA $44,813 $117,900 Underpriced
Detroit, MI $25,193 $50,200 Underpriced
Fargo, ND $44,611 $150,900 Underpriced
Honolulu, HI $57,479 $628,938 Overpriced
Houston, TX $42,877 $122,100 Underpriced
Huntington, WV $29,750 $98,755 Underpriced
Indianapolis, IN $39,015 $116,300 Underpriced
Jackson, MS $31,370 $86,700 Underpriced
Kansas City, MO $43,810 $133,800 Underpriced
Las Vegas, NV $46,995 $153,200 Underpriced
Little Rock, AR $40,976 $151,900 Underpriced
Los Angeles, CA $46,148 $438,300 Overpriced
Louisville, KY $33,175 $119,763 Underpriced
Manchaster, NH $51,082 $209,700 Underpriced
Memphis, TN $34,960 $96,000 Underpriced
Miami, FL $28,536 $186,800 Overpriced
Milwaukee, WI $33,122 $131,300 Underpriced
Minneapolis, MN $46,682 $199,100 Underpriced
Nashville, TN $42,639 $161,600 Underpriced
New Orleans, LA $35,041 $185,400 Overpriced
New York City, NY $49,461 $490,900 Overpriced
Newark, NJ $31,731 $243,200 Overpriced
Oklahoma City, OK $42,955 $135,200 Underpriced
Omaha, NE $45,536 $130,900 Underpriced
Philadelphia, PA $34,207 $142,000 Underpriced
Phoenix, AZ $43,960 $137,500 Underpriced
Pittsburgh, PA $35,947 $90,500 Underpriced
Portland, ME $43,788 $223,100 Overpriced
Portland, OR $47,033 $275,500 Overpriced
Providence, RI $37,856 $186,800 Overpriced
Richmond, VA $38,926 $193,300 Overpriced
Saint Louis, MO $32,570 $120,500 Underpriced
Salt Lake City, UT $41,588 $225,600 Overpriced
San Diego, CA $60,797 $429,200 Overpriced
San Francisco, CA $69,894 $719,800 Overpriced
Seattle, WA $61,037 $420,400 Overpriced
Sioux Falls, SD $50,470 $153,400 Underpriced
Tampa, FL $40,073 $148,000 Underpriced
Washington, DC $63,124 $422,400 Overpriced
Wichita, KS $44,184 $119,900 Underpriced
Wilmington, DE $38,325 $171,000 Underpriced